Complex Airplane Training and Rental


Fully Restored


$135.00hr Wet

Piper Arrow



Dual Nav/Com

$185.00hr wet

Aircraft Rental Rates

Cessna 172

4 Seat

$135.00hr wet

Both IFR

Dual Nav/com

Garmin GPS


Cessna 150

2 Seat

$95.00 hr wet

N18200 VFR



We offer personalized flight training to match your goal's. We offer training from Private Pilot to a Professional Pilot Program

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Our aircraft are maintained in house this greatly increases our dispatch reliability. Our maintenance staff work 7 days a week to insure that the aircraft are ready for your lesson.

All of our aircraft are kept in a heated hanger. This greatly improves your training experience during the winter months. You will arrive for your lesson to a warm aircraft that is ready to go with no need to preheat. This also helps to keep our aircraft in tip top shape.

Morristown Flying Service strives to update our aircraft and we have equippiped our Cessna fleet with ADS-B to meet the FAA 2020 requirement. This is one of many improvements made to our aircraft. Other improvements you will find include other avionics, gps, fresh paint, interior, engines and more.

Tail Wheel Training

Morristown Flying Service inc

Flight Instruction Rates

Primary Flight Instruction $45.00hr