2 Place

Tail Wheel Training Aircraft


Rate $135.00hr wet

Block Time Rates available call 423-307-8097

Cessna 172

All of our Cessna 172's are Full IFR

Garmin GPS Equipped


Rate $135.00hr wet

Morristown Flying Service inc

Piper Arrow

Complex Training Airplane



$185hr wet

Cessna 150's

2 Place Training aircraft for VFR or IFR Flight operations. ADS-B

Rate $95.00hr wet.

Please Call for more information on Complex and Multi Engine aircraft rental.

Rates on this site do not include tax. All Rates are subject to change without notice.

Cessna 182

4 Place

High Performance

Full IFR with Auto Pilot and ADS-B IN/OUT

$165.00hr wet

Current Rental Fleet and Rates